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What is IATM?

IATM is the International Association of Tour Managers - a professional group serving the interests of working Tour Managers, the men and women "in the front seat" of motor coaches and cruise vessels on every continent and almost every country on this earth.

The mission of IATM is - "To promote and maintain the highest standards of competence, integrity and professional conduct on the part of all tour managers" - and - "To protect, promote and improve the welfare and status of tour managers."


Here are some of the ways IATM interprets that mandate:

We speak out and lobby legislative bodies on matters that affect the professional status of TMs, like working hours, tax liability and employee status.

We promote contacts and understanding among travel professionals through a program of newsletters, web sites and conferences.

We encourage TMs to study and gain professional qualifications through the CTM (Certified Tour Manager) program and through members-only study tours.

We promote the advantages of professional tour management to tour operators, and publicize their job openings and opportunities in our newsletters and websites.

How IATM is organized

The headquarters of IATM is in London, England. The eight European regions are: British, French, Central Europe (Germany, Austria & Switzerland), Italy, Netherlands & Belgium, Nordic (Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland), Portugal and Spain.

The four non-European regions are Americas (North Central and South America), Israel, Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong & India) and China.

IATM is officially recognized by the European Parliment.

IATM is also a member of ASTA, ETOA (European Tour Operators Association) and ETAG (European Travel Action Group).

The Americas Region of IATM is the first Affiliate member of NFTGA-USA.

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