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Scott MacScott served as Chairman of the International Association of Tour Managers. 



Editorials from the Chair

We all know the old adage that history repeats itself. These hard economic times are no exception.Many of us have already braved a couple of economic storms. With experience and maybe some helpful advice, we have overcome and thrived in a business we love.

"Already-depleted cash reserves are dwindling fast, and unless the fuel crisis lessens, airlines face not the now-familiar protrected restructuring in bankruptcy, but outright and immediate extinction," said the report. This is indicative of the Travel industry as a whole in many regards.

I often find solace during my busy season by talking to fellow IATM members and colleagues. Some of their best advice has kept me going through the busiest of schedules. We all know that once we get stressed, our performance may suffer so here is some reassuring words.

We had 7 members attend the meeting; Heather Nochomovitz, Brigitta Gamm, Theresa Archibald, Marilyn Perlman, Audrey Johnson, Annette Conrad and Scott MacScott.

Some of us are lucky to work for a tour operator that has a great back office staff that can lend us a hand while some companies leave us to our own devises to deal with every care and concern of the client in a timely fashion.

Online retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Waldenbooks often have cheaper prices then their brick and mortar counterparts. Many books are also available for preview online. The retailers are trying hard to make the online experience as enjoyable as surfing the bookcases. 

I am also pleased to announce the creation and distribution of our new brochure. You should have received a couple of them with this newsletter. Please take the time to go through it for much time was donated to its creation.

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