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Scott MacScott served as Chairman of the International Association of Tour Managers. 



Editorials from the Chair

One of the benefits of membership I have seen grow this year is the number of requests for qualified Tour Managers. In the past, when we were contacted by a tour company looking for a Tour Manager, we would relay that email or phone call to those we knew to be qualified for that area.

You may have already noticed one of the smaller decisions, namely, that regional newsletters must be called something different then “newsletter” in order to put aside the confusion we have all been having; i.e. are we reading the North American newsletter or the main IATM newsletter?

We now share similar experiences and concerns. IATM can and should work to bring us all together for the mutual benefit of all. Following along these beneficial lines I have created two online group forums. These online groups are the modern way for those separated by distance and time to communicate in a group setting. I have chosen yahoo to host our groups.

Now that I am your chairman, my reasons for continuing membership have changed. I want to help the next generation of Tour Managers. I feel it is my duty to give back to the organization that has given me so much over the years. 

With all this good news it is no time to rest. Even though this newsletter will find you in the midst of the busy summer season now is the time to prepare for 2006. If you are either looking to add another tour company to your repertoire or enhance your prospects within your current tour company’s hierarchy, I have some advice for you.

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