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Dear collegues; Greetings and salutations.

The global recession may be persistant but there are hotspots of travel.

Countries are looking for ways to attract these eager travelers. One of the easiest ways to allow more people into the country is to make the visa procedure more user friendly. The US Travel Association, believes that "recapturing America's historic share of worldwide overseas travel would create up to 1.3 million U.S. jobs by 2020 compared with 2010 and produce $859 billion in cumulative additional economic output." Ideas like this are taking off as Countries that have a surplus of visa applicants endure the hurdles to travel.

The "China is a long wait for US visas" article describes that the Chinese leisure travelers spend more than the average traveler. In response, Missions and Consulates around the world are hiring more workers to process the Visa backload. The USA is no different as we increase staff to handle the 234% rise in approved visas from Brazil over the past 5 years. In 2010, international travel to the USA enjoyed a general increase of 9% and 12% for the business traveler. With forcasts of a"7% rise through 2016", there is evidence that the travel industry offers great opportunities for Guides of all types.

Are you working in one of these global hotspots?. Are you looking to work more or to make more while working less?. Are you interested in learning where more opportunities are availing themselves?. Then come to the World Guide Summit. This is the type of information that we provide for todays Professional Guide.

I am most happy to be able to tell you that the World Guide Summit going to be that “not to be missed meeting” for all Guides that are interested in increasing their professionalism. Here are just a few reasons to go:

  1. We have training on how to expand your business and break into new markets.
  2. We have back office training in finances and the internet including the latest trends in Social Media.
  3. We have training in conducting tours.
  4. We have training in the Ecuadorian and South American market.
  5. We analyze current trends to discover opportunities and reduce risk to our flow of work.
  6. We are a great networking opportunity because we are targeting the more professional Guides of the industry.

Spaces are going quickly. If you need a roommate, we may be able to help as we have many roommate requests. IATM Americas members attending our AGM will be roomed with fellow IATM Americas as first request. Let us know if you prefer to be roomed with someone from your Association.

Take care and enjoy,

Scott MacScott CTM


IATM Americas

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