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Welcome to 2010. If you are reading this Newsletter then you have survived the worse part of the travel recession and renewed your commitment to IATM and the industry that you love. We have been through a lot together; terrorism, economic turmoil, natural disasters and increased security regulations. It is time to concentrate on the beautiful things in life. One of the greatest benefits of IATM membership is about to come true again, an IATM convention. If you have not already registered, please concentrate on the good things in life. Come join your friends and make some new ones. Our Turkey convention and tour promises to be full of good energy, memorial experiences, smiling delegates and a whirling good time.

Just in case you have not settled on a New Years resolution, or are open to a new idea, might I suggest that we come together and give back. Give back to our community, to our industry, to our clients, to our association.

We will all have the opportunity to come together in Turkey, and did I mention that it will be a conference to remember, but giving back should be a part of every persons thinking. This thinking of mine is inspired by my travels with some of the poorest people on earth. Though they rarely received mail, might not have electricity and can not even fathom the possibility of a retirement account, they have always been eager to give me food, shelter and good cheer. Maybe it is based on Karma, or a love thy neighbor style of thinking but every person has the possibility to help others. So given this truth, and realizing that the world is basically a lot poorer now then in recent years, it is a good time to look around and see what we can do to make the world a better place.

IATM has agreed to sponsor a new program of mine called the Green Guide Alliance. GGA is an online community of Tour Guides and Tour Managers that share ideas on improving the environment. As guides, we have a great influence on the thoughts and actions of our customers. By coming together, we can help make the planet a better place to live for ourselves, our neighbors and most importantly, for generations to come. I will be unveiling this program at the IATM convention in Turkey so those of you that will attend will have the first opportunity to join and to contribute. My next editorial will contain all the details about this great new program just in case you can not make it to Turkey.

2010 is going to be a great year. Though it might not be a banner year for tourism, it can be a banner year for the hearts and minds of Guides around the world. Let’s get involved and make a real positive impact. Let’s come together and give back.

Scott MacScott CTM



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