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Greetings and salutations fellow Tour Managers and Tour Guides. Great things are happening within IATM right now. We had a very productive Board of Directors meeting in Vietnam and followed it up by a great regional meeting in Toronto. We are increasing our exposure through press releases and finalizing the new central office website. IATM continues to make inroads by raising the standards of the profession of tour management.


On Thursday March 6, 2008 IATM North America held a successful meeting in Toronto Canada. Traditionally because of the size of our region, we have been having our meetings in conjunction with Conventions and International Weekends. This past weekend was a test. Is it worth wild to organize a meeting somewhere in our large region? If we did it, would anybody come? The answer to both of these questions is a resounding YES.We had 7 members attend the meeting; Heather Nochomovitz, Brigitta Gamm, Theresa Archibald, Marilyn Perlman, Audrey Johnson, Annette Conrad and Scott MacScott.

Heather organized all the pre meeting logistics. Her hard work kept us busy for over 12 hours on Thursday.

The business side of the meeting was graciously hosted in the house of Marilyn. We were able to comfortable communicate all the issues that are of concern to the mostly Canadian members present under the first headline of the Agenda

Your IATM- Many of our members are tourist guides as well as Tour Guides and Tour managers. Of particular interest were some of the inequalities of pay and treatment that the different tour managers experience across the country. Toronto is in the process of establishing a licensing requirement for all guides. This is generally seen as a benefit to the city as well as to the guiding profession. IATM-NA is pleased to offer its assistance to the CCTGA as they strive towards the common goals of IATM; Professionalism.

Scott also explained how the new marketing program is essential to the promotion and growth of our association. All the members present were eager to help gather some of the contact information required for a through press release database which is being created. I will talk more about this in the next newsletter.

We also discussed our North American yahoo group (IATN-NA). It was asked of Scott to more simply explain sign-up procedure to our members. By now, if you are reading this then you should have received a preapproval invitation to join our regions group. If you have not, then please update your email with Jo Curran ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and email our group This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request to join. Please include your membership number.

We talked about the ongoing endeavor to create a new website from the London office. This site should be up some time in mid2008.

The Convention in Vietnam was also on the agenda. Scott explained that he mostly only saw the inside of a board room as the BoD meeting lasted for three days. The members were shocked that Scott does not have a vote on the Board. That is correct. North America does not have a vote as to the direction of IATM. Scott has an enthusiastic voice which is heard and appreciated but our region still falls short of the 40 Active members required to give us a vote. Please, Please, get out and find 2 tour managers that you think could benefit from membership in IATM

The newsletter is going to be upgraded in the future. We are adapting to an online format that is more conducive to relaying the information that today’s Tour Managers need to know. During this period of transition, please send us a link of any article you find of interest on the internet. To do this, simply:

Look for the address of the webpage. This is often on the top of your internet browser program and looks something like bring the curser up to that address bar and right click it. This should highlight the web address. Then click “copy” on the box that automatically opened. Then open whatever email program you use and where you write a message type “It works” then hit return then right click and select paste. You should now see the web address in the message under “it works” Congratulations. But you are not done yet. You have to email it to our group at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please type “article” in the subject line. After you do this a couple of times, it becomes very easy. Soon our spread out membership will all seem like neighbors.

We continued our discussions over the delicious lunch that was graciously catered by Marylyn. My only regret is that we did not have more time to enjoy Marlyn's hospitality as we had a full afternoon ahead of us. The Royal Ontario Museum, ROM, is completing us last major addition since 1933. Be had a private guided tour that demonstrated the benefits the new ROM had to offer. We recommend you check them out online at . The new café is quite sheik and is very willing to cater to our upscale clients. Though student groups may find the café more palatable.

Across the street from the ROM is an often overlooked gem. The Gardner Museum of Ceramic Art.Housed in a building reminiscent of a modernized four story walkup, the Gardner houses one of if not the best ceramic collections in North America. The tri-yearly changing exhibit will keep you coming back for more as the seasons change. Please discover more about them online

There is nothing better then three local guides giving a couple of out of towners a city tour in a minivan. Theresa safely drove us through the snow covered streets and alleys so we could discover the best that Toronto has to offer. This included a special stop for a true taste of Kensington market. As a empanada cook myself, I can attest to the joy that the Chilean empanada’s of ………………… can bring to you and your small group. Many of the resturants of the area are quite small and so I can pass on Theresa’s recommendation when you want to look knowledgeable about quality economic ethnic food which is the staple of the Kensington Market culture.

The empanada was just a taste as our dinner extravagant dinner experience at the Sultan’s Tent ( ).

The set menu of $40 is easily upgraded to suite your taste and wallets. The belly dancing was not as ethnic as the taste of the food but the young dancer of college age eagerly took the time to teach nimble volunteer the sultry moves. Personally I could not have volunteered since, after a couscous lined bed of lamb, my belly only wanted to move in one direction – outward.

This marks the end of the meeting for most of the members, but Heather and I still wanted more. We were enthralled by a special presentation of The Song of Songs by the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra in the Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre.( )

It has been more then five years since I was last in Toronto. I forgot how multicultural it is and now have a greater appreciation for the guides that have to interpret such a wide cultural landscape in the backdrop of a historical fort city that has become a thriving metropolis. They and the city deserve the quality that licensed guides ensure just like their neighboring metropolitans’ of Montreal and Quebec City.


Scott MacScott CTM

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