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Scott MacScott served as Chairman of the International Association of Tour Managers. 



Editorials from the Chair

The mobile internet has enabled the vast compendium of human knowledge to be in communion with you through various devices. The knowledge is most useful through small programs called apps, short for applications. Apps can be very simple programs that just display information or intuitive ones that process information (think) in order to give us the information we desire. An example of a thinking app is one that

Greeting and salutations fellow travel professionals. It is with mixed emotions that I write this, my last editorial for IATM. After writing over 50 articles, attending over 20 meetings, delivering 4 lectures and creating 2 websites with 8 electronic newsletters this year alone,

Welcome to 2010. If you are reading this Newsletter then you have survived the worse part of the travel recession and renewed your commitment to IATM and the industry that you love. We have been through a lot together;




Greetings and salutations. IATM has just completed their November Board meeting and I am happy to report that there is a growing recognition that the recession is ending. This sentiment, though not overpowering by evidence of the statistics of 2009, was evident at the World Travel Market. As in years past, I was able to represent IATM at the WTM, which is one of the largest Travel Trade shows in the world, and as such I am able to report back to you an account of this historic year. Please reflect on this special editorial, “2009 – There and back again, the year of the great dip” and send me an email if you found this information useful.

Dear collegues; Greetings and salutations.

The global recession may be persistant but there are hotspots of travel.

Greetings and salutations fellow Tour Managers and Tour Guides. If you are reading this it is a good sign that you have weathered the storm and stayed a steady course. We are still feelings the effects of this historic economic tempest, but better days of smooth sailing are ahead. We can still expect lower passenger bookings for 2010 then we have been accustomed to in years past, but expectations are for a brighter 2011 and so on.

To keep the metaphor going, one big gust in the sails of the US market is the Travel Promotion Act. It has passed the Senate by a 79 to 19 margin which displays strong bipartisan support. Though the House passed a similar bill during the last session the Senate did not due to time constraints.

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