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Scott MacScott served as Chairman of the International Association of Tour Managers. 



Editorials from the Chair

Dear collegues; Greetings and salutations.

The global recession may be persistant but there are hotspots of travel.

Welcome to 2010. If you are reading this Newsletter then you have survived the worse part of the travel recession and renewed your commitment to IATM and the industry that you love. We have been through a lot together;

This might be sound advice considering an alternative of not working in our chosen profession. If ever you would consider a pay cut, this would be the time, but I do not recommend it. We represent a very small portion of the cost of a package tour.

Arrivals in the US were down 14% in the first three months of this year, with those from Western Europe and Asia Pacific falling significantly. Among the top 20 source markets to the US, only France, Brazil, China (get used to this one), and Argentina showed increases.

In return, I ask that you help IATM by taking part in any future surveys. These surveys will provide useful knowledge of trends in our industry that we and others will find valuable. We are the facilitators of the moments that create life long memories. We are the faces of the package tourism industry. We are IATM.

To keep the metaphor going, one big gust in the sails of the US market is the Travel Promotion Act. It has passed the Senate by a 79 to 19 margin which displays strong bipartisan support. Though the House passed a similar bill during the last session the Senate did not due to time constraints.

Before becoming a full time Tour Manager, I was trained as an economist as well as stock broker. For the duration of this economic malaise, I will be sharing my insight as to what we can do to prepare ourselves for the future.

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