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Green Guide Alliance was created by Scott MacScott, here is the presentation speech when this initiative was launched in 2010.



I am pleased to be here today to unveil a new initiative for the global travel industry. The Green Guide Alliance was born out of a desire to use the power of the modern tour guide as a force for positive environmental change.

There are distinctive actions being taken around the world that serve a common purpose of protecting the environment. We often see the results of these actions in our home community. We can also see the actions of others when we travel. 

The professional Tour Guide can play a crucial role in promoting these local efforts.  It is already our unique task to interpret and communicate the all the useful and interesting information about an area.  Now we can be at the forefront in the global endeavor to create a universal understanding that local environmental efforts have a cumulative impact on the world. As the Chairman of the International Association of Tour Managers, it is my pleasure to promote this new worldwide effort of enabling Tour Guides and Tour Managers to promote and encourage “green on vacation”. 

The Green Guide Alliance is a community of professional Tour Managers, Tour Guides, Tour Directors, Tourist Guides,  and other travel professionals that promote environmental awareness and smart green practices while on tour.

This community has come together through the website  

Fundamentally, the site does two things. It is instantly hourly with the latest news from around the world that concerns travel and the environment.  Secondly, it is a place where guides from all over the world come together to share ideas, collaborate on projects and network for a better life. 


Tour Managers love information so I created the GGA to be a source for the latest news on travel and the environment.

Looking at our Articles Menu you can quickly get to the subject of news.

We have reached a tipping point where sustainable tourism practices are being more widely accepted across the full spectrum of the global travel industry.

Our environmental articles will concentrate on the four main topics of alternative energy, carbon footprint, recycling and the preservation of nature. 


It is my hope that during the open mindedness of travel, we might further influence the green attitude of our clientele and in turn advance their environmental attitude at home.



Environmental awareness has grown to the level that it warrants incorporation into every package tour. A good Tour Manager already understands how to inspire. We now need only a concerted effort to include the face and voice of the package industry in promoting “green on vacation” We want our clients to value the benefit of going “green on vacation” so that they adopt better habits into their daily lives. The maxim of think globally and act locally is perfectly suited to the traveling public. 

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