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Why join GGA?

The Green Guide Alliance is an initiative to collect and promote environmental friendly information and practices for the use of Tour Guides around

the world. It is our hope that the ideas, which often start as going “green on vacation”, grow within our clients hearts and souls and are taken back home with them. It is at this point that our influence yields results.  Even if a small percent of the tens of millions of passengers that travel each year adapt to a greener lifestyle, we have had a major impact on the earth.

Tour Managers and Tour Guides are the faces and voices of the package tourism industry. We play a very important role in supporting the quality of the Tour Operator.

Our understanding and respects for the area in which we work is seen as a reflection upon our own quality and self respect. As a promoter of all the environmental friendly (eco-aspects) of a geographical area, a Tour Manager or Tour Guide becomes a Green Guide. The Green Guide Alliance is seen as a badge of quality in the Tourism industry and has already gained the support and sponsorship of the prestigious International Association of Tour Managers. ( We are now actively achieving greater recognition for the Alliance in the Tourism industry so that you may promote your GGA involvement as an indication of your values to Tour Operators.

The truth is that everybody wants to be green, but most people are not willing to pay more on tour to achieve it. One way that Tour Operators can enthusiastically promote the green value of their tours without spending more money is by having a registered member of the Green Guide Alliance guide the tour.  There is value in promoting GGA for the Tour Operators as well as the Guides of the GGA. But of course, the biggest winners are the clients who end up making the world a better place for their children and grandchildren.

Membership in the Green Guide Alliance is free. We do not sell your personal information. In fact, our business model is not based on money. We measure success by making the world a better place. The Green Guide Alliance was created by Scott McGraw CTM and is the only international organization that seeks to unite Tour Guides for the common purpose of making the world cleaner, healthier and happier.

So why should you join GGA? Simple, you want to understand how Tour Guides can be a force in making the world a better place and networking; lots of networking.

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