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Green Guide Alliance is a community of professional Tour Guides, Tour Directors, Travel Escorts, Docents and Tour Managers that are concerned about the environment. The community was created to 

be a focal point of action. Though you might read articles that pertain to travel and the environment, these articles are presented as sources of information and inspiration. GGA is a forum for real change.

Tour Managers and Tour Guides are the face and voice of the package tourism industry. We play a very important role in supporting the quality of the Tour Operator. Furthermore, our understanding and respects for the area in which we work is seen as a reflection upon our own personal quality. As a promoter of all the environmentally friendly (eco-aspects) of a geographical area, A Tour Manager or Tour Guide becomes a Green Guide.  Though most clients notice our respect of nature and admire the virtue of our actions, GGA is where you gain professional recognition for your green thinking. The Green Guide Alliance is seen as a badge of quality in the Tourism industry and has already gained the support and sponsorship of the prestigious International Association of Tour Managers.  You can freely promote your GGA activities to your Tour Operators and show them that they are well represented on tour.

Green Guide Alliance Presentation

A good Tour Manager already understands how to inspire and we now need only a determined effort to let our voice help the world we all love so much. Each Tour Guide can inspire from 1000 to 10,000 or more passengers a year. A simple idea of telling your passengers where they can recycle their batteries while on tour can make a real noticeable impact upon our planet. Not just from the actions of our passengers while they are on tour, but by inspiring them to make these actions part of their lives. Inspire them to see the bigger picture. Since we directly interact with tens of millions of travelers a year we have tremendous possibilities for making the world a better place.

So Green Guide Alliance is a forum to connect with other Guides around the world, where professionals can share their ideas, ideas  they are promoting while on tour; what works and what doesn’t. 

Learn how you can increase the effectiveness of your commentary in promoting the four main topics of alternative energy, carbon footprint, recycling and the preservation of nature without disquieting your client’s vacation mentality.

Connect with other guides around the world that have initiatives of their own.

Green Guide Alliance also the best place for networking and collaboration. Our connections reach into the very top of the Travel industry as well as Travel, governmental and NGOs. Great projects start as good ideas that are spread among people that want to make a difference. This is that place. Please sign up today, get better connected within the industry and make a real difference.

You can network and collaborate with travel professionals from around the world on ideas such as:

  • How a Tour Manager can highlight and encourage the green activities and programs of the trade suppliers we use on tour.
  • How the passenger can make environmentally friendly decisions on tourHow best to educate clients from different cultures about the specific environmental programs of the touring area.
  • The benefits of group motorcoach travel versus independent travel.

Here is an example of how we can raise our voices about environment. Last fall I was in Annapolis Maryland. This is a beautiful city right on the Chesapeake Bay. Following the when in Rome do as the Romans line of thinking, I looked for the local specialty for dinner; Maryland Crabs. It was no shock to find many great seafood restaurants, but what shocked me is that some of them were promoting Alaskan Crabs. Here is where my new environmental heart took hold of me. If I had a group with me I would recommend the restaurants that served Maryland Crabs over Alaskan Crabs even if it cost more money. Besides being a fresher product, smelling the very water that the crabs just came from, the carbon emissions from transporting the Alaskan Crabs to Maryland is simply wasteful. My recommendation would be smart, logical and good for the environment. If I was in Alaska, I would highly recommend their Crabs over the Maryland imports.So which would I recommend if I was in Kansas? Steak with a side of corn on the cob made with real butter.

There are many other benefits to having this depth of understanding of our work areas. For example, if I had to recommend an Italian restaurant and I was choosing between two favorites. I would point out that one buys their produce from a local farm while the other buys more of their produce frozen. Such a true simple statement has so many benefits.

1- You look like a better tour guide because of the depth of your knowledge.

2- You are making a difference by lowering your client’s carbon footprint while they are on tour. Together, we make can make a huge impact in this area.

3- You are demonstrating a different mentality. You are a respected person that has chosen to care about things greater then yourself. Ironically, demonstrating altruism often yields a greater sense of appreciation at the end of the tour. Our clients look up to us and our actions can help open up their mind to a greater eco-awareness. This knowledge can make us feel better no matter how much tip you get at the end of the day.

Guides working together for a better world are a win win situation. We also have a beautiful and powerful position to make real changes in the world. This is partly due to the nature of travel. Traveling to a foreign land is like regular life, but intensified. You see more, hear more, taste more, and experience life more deeply and thoroughly then you might do in you day to day life at home. Your senses are open to experience more. It is during this time of openness that we Guides of the world can share many of the beauties of the area in which we work. We may help to instill a love of art, architecture, food, or the environment. By experiencing how another culture loves and takes care of the environment, our passengers are then more apt to continue the environmental practices that they learned on tour once they arrive back home. This is the advantage the travel industry has in promoting change.

If We can have a great impact the understanding that our clients take from an area. It is our hopes that people take a more understanding feeling concerning the environment by enlightening them as to the big picture.

Enlightening us as to environmental programs in the travel industry that are making a difference.




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