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The Americas region of IATM is the fastest growing region in the world. Canada and the United States make up most of IATM Americas though our region does include South and Central America as well. We are currently expanding further into Central and South America and looking for outgoing Tour Guides and Tour Manager that want to represent the south of our region. Please contact us if you are interested in this limited opportunity.

Our Active members are working Tour Managers and Tour Guides, some independent and self-employed, others associated with tour operators. The minimum qualification for active membership is one full working season of 60 days plus recommendation for membership by your major tour operator. Prospective members are interviewed, usually by telephone or skype, before membership is finally approved.

Current dues are $150 USD for active members; for that you receive:

Both the International and American newsletters

Admission to the ConnecTour Forum

The right to vote in IATM elections and to submit matters of concern to the IATM Board

The opportunity to take the CTM examination on special terms

To go on our study tours

To receive the European Tour Management Certificate (included free each year) 

To receive any special discounts (hotel, car, etc.) available to members.

Other membership categories are (a) Affiliate members (i.e., new tour managers, just starting out, and graduates of a recognized course in tour management) who pay $80 per year until qualified for active membership and (b) Associate members (tour operators, motor coach companies, travel agencies, hotels, tourist guide associations and agencies, and guiding schools).


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