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IATM Ethics + Principles

1. IATM members are expected to operate to the highest standards and to live up to the ethics and principles of their professional association; To uphold and disseminate the concept of high standards within the Tourism industry. To uphold the profession of Tour Manager.

2. Members should undertake each contracted tour with; Full appreciation of the employer's requirements to deliver the product as detailed in the itinerary. To ensure that the clients receive in full the components of the tour, as far as possible.

3. Members should prepare adequately to conduct each tour to be familiar with the itinerary so as to; Organize the day-to-day management of the tour effectively. Assist their clients in all areas where their expertise is required. Inform the clients in the management of foreign currencies, the culture and lifestyle of the area being visited. Deliver appropriate general history and current affairs information. Deliver practical information regarding dress and behavior, shopping and entertainment, sightseeing and cultural events. Make passengers aware of health and safety requirements as required by law and as instructed by the Tour Operator. Familiarize themselves with any emergency and/or special incident contingency plans outlined by the Tour Operator.

4. Members should always cooperate with and demonstrate loyalty to employees and colleagues. Specifically; Never interfere with the legitimate work of a fellow Tour Manager or Tour Guide. Always honor verbal agreements. Always keep financial integrity with employers, colleagues and suppliers.

5. The members of IATM should cooperate with all the suppliers of services necessary to the tour, including airlines, airports, ferry companies, hotels, entertainment venues and restaurants, museums, monuments, and religious sites, coach companies and their employees to ensure that the best possible services are delivered to their clients in line with any specific agreement between Tour Operator and supplier.

6. Tour Managers should give a balanced picture of each area, city or country included in the tour, taking care not to prejudice clients against any area or group of people. Sensitive or controversial topics should be handled in a considered and unbiased manner where they must be addressed.

7. IATM members should be suitably professionally dressed, groomed and well mannered in the presence of clients, bearing in mind that Tour Managers are working and it is the clients who are on holiday. They should never undermine the quality of their services to employers and clients by abuse of drugs or alcohol.

8. The requirements of clients for value and quality should be paramount in all suggestions for shopping, eating out and entertainment. Optional excursions and entertainment must be offered only on the basis of full employer approval.

9. IATM Tour Managers should be mindful of the environment in which they work to ensure; The preservation of unique natural and scenic areas. The conservation of priceless monuments, buildings, historic towns and cities. To promote sustainable tourism with clients and employers.

10. Members should only accept work which is properly remunerated. Daily fees, living and traveling expenses and operating expenses should be agreed in advance in writing by Tour Managers and employers. The tipping policy of each company should be understood and adhered to always.

11. All IATM members should be proud to wear their badges whilst working to promote the organization. The CTM qualification is internationally recognized and was introduced to further the recognition of Tour Management as a profession. IATM members are urged to acquire this qualification.

12. We should have as our primary objective our clients' welfare, safety and enjoyment of their vacation.


-Updated 2002 AGM

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