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The Certificate of Tour Management (CTM) is an officially recognized certificate of competence that guarantees the holder's professional knowledge and ability to potential employers. IATM helped devise the CTM in partnership with NHTV Breda University of Professional Education, a university-level institution in the Netherlands. At NHTV, the CTM is awarded for a 2-year course, but active IATM members can purchase the syllabus and take the exam using their own career experience instead of classwork.

CTM exams are held twice a year in Europe. The first exams outside Europe will take place soon in Australia and Hong Kong - in the Fall of 2002, we hope to hold the exams in North America for the first time. It's a matter of pride that members of IATM's North American region have more CTM certificates per capita than any other region.

Annual Study Tours are another benefit IATM offers to its active and student members. These are designed to teach a professional TM everything needed to lead a tour to that location. In November 2001, we toured Greece, and in January 2002 the Southwest Indianlands of the US. These tours are another popular and valuable feature of membership.


Lobbies governments and official bodies on matters affecting the status and livelihood of Tour Managers, and uses PR in consumer and trade media to publicize our views. For your information, we attach three official Position Papers and Press releases which are the starting point for lobbying and action.

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