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What are the benefits of IATM membership?

All members:

  • Receive regular mailings of Newsletters and local Regional bulletins
  • May attend the Annual General Meetings and biannual IATM Conventions
  • May attend local IATM Regional meetings
  • Can attend Educational Study Tours at reduced rates
  • May take the CTM exam
  • Are provided with a valuable Membership Card with your picture which is good for discounts throughout the travel industry.
  • May receive the European Tour Managers Certificate
  • Have a forum for shaping the future of tour management
  • Membership is for the calendar year (i.e. until 31 December). The exception to this is if you join after 01 October, in which case membership is valid until 31 December of the following year.

Payments may be made by Visa or MasterCard, Bankers Draft, or direct Bank Transfer.

Active (Tour Manager) Membership Active membership of the International Association of Tour Managers is open to you if you are a Tour Manager with at least one year's experience 'on the road'. (Don't despair if you have less than one year's experience! You can apply to become an Affiliate of your local region of IATM).

One year's experience qualifies you for Silver Badge membership; five years experience qualifies you for Gold Badge membership.

As soon as we receive your application form we apply to the Tour Operator for whom you have most recently worked to obtain a reference.

A copy of your application is then sent to the local IATM Regional Office and arrangements are made for you to attend an informal interview with members of the Regional Committee.

Once a favorable reference has been received and you have been approved by the Regional Committee, an invoice will be sent for payment. Alternatively, you may wish to return the Credit Card mandate with your application so that we can take payment as soon as your application is approved. Some Regions arrange to take payment in advance; should your application for any reason not be accepted this will, of course, be refunded.

After the first year, annual payments are made to your local Regional Office, which fixes the annual fee.

Active Gold Badge members are the policy makers of the Association, through both local and international Annual General Meetings). Active members may also participate in the annual Study Tours operated regionally.

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