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Scott MacScott CTM

Certified Tour Manager


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Scott MacScott CTM is a seasoned Tour Manager with a background spanning over 25 years in the travel field. Traveling to 53 countries and touring groups from 6 continents, Scott has been a part of the development within the travel industry and has become known for delivering a quality speaking and touring experience.
Scott MacScott has lectured before hundreds of people at travel conventions in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. He has been featured by prominent tour companies in their international marketing and published articles such as "Guiding in the Digital Age", "Tour Guides have an impact on the hearts and minds of the world" in various trade publications. As an Industry spokesman, Scott presented a lecture on Green Practices for the Tour Management Industry at the 2010 European City of Culture in Istanbul, Turkey.
Scott, a true pioneer, was among the first class awarded the coveted CTM (Certified Tour Manager) designation accredited by Breda University of the Netherlands. Today he also holds the following titles:

  Licensed Tour Guide - Washington DC, New York City & Williamsburg, VA

  Creator - Green Guide Alliance

  Past Chairman - International Association of Tour Managers

  Producer - World Guide Summit

  Chief - The Travels LLC


Thank you for taking us on a history tour over America! We really enjoyed how you made history real and fun! It was really fun to travel to places I never would have gone to otherwhise. You made history real for us, and we appreciate it.

Isabella & Skylar

Scott has the ability to tap into the student's capacity for emotional connection to the monuments and sights. They experienced in a wonderful way! I highly recommend him as a tour guide.

Donna Mitchel

Having been in the travel business for over thirty years, I have met many travel professionals and you are one of the greatest I have ever seen.


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Tour Guides have a lot to complain about. Whether it is the accessibility to safe legal convenient pick up/ drop off areas, unlicensed Guides working without consequences, or respectable minimum rate of pay that is adhered to by all, you can find Guides sharing their thoughts and planning on how to solve the complaints.

It is interesting to note that one of the direst topics is not getting much press. Are local Guides becoming obsolete? I am not talking about the old debate of Tour Managers doing the job of a local Guide. I am talking about something that can have a much greater impact on the Guiding landscape. Electronic Guides.

Today’s city guide apps for smartphones are gaining in popularity as smartphone usage grows. They are cheaper than a live Tour Guide. They pause when we want to take a photo. They will endlessly repeat themselves if we did not hear the commentary over the horns of traffic. They are never overbooked and are available exactly when the clients want the information.

Imagine if you, as a Guide, had to compete with someone who had those characteristics. It is obvious that we would be seen as inferior. But since this competitor is a collection of computer programs we maintain the one key advantage, we are alive. Nothing can beat a live, entertaining, knowledgeable, professional local Guide showing you around his or her beloved city. Or can it?

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